Undergraduate Programs

Interior Architecture and Design - Mission and Goals

Program Mission

The program guides students toward becoming dedicated interior designers [with]...strong communication [skills], active [as] team players, creative problem solvers, and...prepared to make a positive impact in the practice of interior design through multidimensional practice opportunities in interior design. The program engages in its mission through research-based problem solving providing a solid transition from education to practice in a global community.


The interior design faculty strives to deliver program outcomes through five goals maximizing our location and resources and embracing change as a constant variable. Examples can be identified across a majority of the curriculum; primary evidence is identified but evidence may also be found in course work across the program of study, culminating in the capstone project.

  • Goal 1: Apply research-based problem solving to the design of interiors to effect positive change in the health, welfare, and quality of life for people in home, work and leisure built environments;
  • Goal 2: integrate a cultural perspective in the study of environments for diverse populations that considers tradition, value, culture and heritage in the development of future environments;
  • Goal 3: Utilize community engagement and service-learning to provide students with opportunities to experience problem finding and solving in the communities in the Rocky Mountains;
  • Goal 4: Embrace creativity and technology as resources and tools for innovation permitting the exploration of interior solutions of complexity to be envisioned as a dimension of design excellence at CSU; and
  • Goal 5: Support learning outside the classroom to expand understanding of the profession and practice.