Noor Abdal
Exploring Cultural Perceptions of Waiting Area Design Features on Mood and Quality of Care.
Advisor: Dr. Laura Malinin

Morgan Brubaker
Factors Affecting China's Apparel Manufacturing Industry's International Competitive Advantage.
Advisor: Dr. Karen Hyllegard

Faqrul Hassan
Nanofiber Based Smart Wound Dressing Combined With Bacteria Detection And Drug Delivery.
Advisor: Dr. Yan "Vivian" Li

Caitlin MacLaughlin
Beautiful Prints for Beautiful Women: A collection of digitally printed textiles for socially conscious, young plus-size women's clothing. (Plan B)
Advisor: Dr. Diane Sparks

Jennifer Worrell
Exploring Luxury Fashion Brands Choice of Brand Management Strategies During Crisis: A Multiple Case Study on Surviving the Global Financial Crisis.
Advisor: Dr. Nancy Miller


Miranda Podmore
The Lived Experience of Crossfit as a Context for the Development of Women's Body Image and Appearance Management Practices.
Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Ogle

Jihyun Sung
Unhappy With Their Body?: How Generation Y Men Respond Through Clothing Behaviors.
Advisor: Dr. Ruoh-Nan "Terry" Yan


AKM Mashud Alam
Development and Thermal Characterization of Polydiacetylene (PDA) Nanofiber Composites for Smart Wound Dressing Application.
Advisor: Dr. Yan "Vivian" Li

Maram Altilmisani
Female Muslim Consumer Purchase Preferences for Digitally Printed Portable Prayer Rugs.
Advisor: Dr. Diane Sparks

Sahar Ejeimi
Revival of Hejaz Tribal Embroidery Using Digital Design Technology: A Collaborative Design Process Engaging Saudi Female Academics.
Advisor: Drs. Diane Sparks and Ruoh-Nan "Terry" Yan

Camille Hensley
Addressing the LGBT Homeless Youth Problem with Cause Related Marketing: A Promotional Plan. (Plan B)
Advisor: Dr. Karen Hyllegard

Cassandra Howard
Understanding College Students' Compulsive Buying Tendencies Across Shopping Channels: Psychological, Affective, And Social Perspectives.
Advisor: Dr. Ruoh-Nan "Terry" Yan

Hillary King
Team Creative Performance: Exploring the Relationship Between Team Diversity and Conflict Affecting the Creative Productivity of Interior Design Student Teams.
Advisor: Dr. Katharine Leigh

Rachel Preuit
Fashion Sustainability: Increasing Knowledge of Slow Fashion Through an Educational Model.
Advisor: Dr. Ruoh-Nan "Terry" Yan


Christine Apple
Patterns of Behavior in Alzheimer Units: Examining the Role of the Physical Environment.
Advisor: Dr. Katharine Leigh

Sara Dudek
Cultural Convergence: A fashion collection designed for the Cultural Creative market using filet crochet and digitally printed textiles inspired by West African design traditions. (Plan B)
Advisor: Dr. Diane Sparks

Kelly Hall
Shakti Ong: Yoga mantra mats: Research-focused design and socially conscious enterprise. (Plan B)
Advisor: Dr. Nancy Miller

Daniela Jankovska
Identifying Fit Issues For The One-Size-Fits-All Hospital Patient Gown: An Anthropometric Approach.
Advisor: Dr. Juyeon Park

Peter Jans
Buisness Plan: Helios Outdoor Technologies, LLC. (Plan B)
Advisor: Dr. Juyeon Park

Kathryn McLean
Consumers' Receptiveness Toward International Retail Expansion: A Case Study of Opportunity for Anthropologie, Inc. in Chile. (Plan B)
Advisor: Dr. Karen Hyllegard

Maura Giblin Smith
Design Thinking Instilling Collaborative Relations To Drive Innovations. (Plan B)
Advisor: Dr. Katharine Leigh

Tracy Zarubin
Consumer Acculturation and Reacculturation Experience: Taiwanese Returnees' Negotiation of Roles and Identity Through Dress.
Advisor: Dr. Ruoh-Nan "Terry" Yan


Sage Calamari
Design for the Environment: An Exploratory Study on the Processes That Guide the Design of Interior Textile Products.
Advisor: Dr. Karen Hyllegard

Mary Coats
Development of an Educational Program: Promoting Sustainability in Consumer Laundry Behavior.
Advisor: Dr. Ruoh-Nan "Terry" Yan

Amy Hughes
Persistence of Ethnic Dress Traditions in a Modern Society: An Interpretive Study on Germany's Black Forest Trachten.
Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Ogle

Kiri Langseth-Schmidt
Evaluating Fit of Bunker Pants Worn by Female Structural Firefighters Using a 3D Body Scanner.
Advisor: Dr. Juyeon Park

Nicholas Malensek
Colorfastness Properties of Persimmon Dye on Cotton and Wool Substrates.
Advisor: Dr. Yan "Vivian" Li

Jessica R. McKenzie
Millennial Interior Design Students' Perceptions Concerning Game-Based Learning in a Lighting Design Course.
Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Tremblay

Wijdan Tawfiq
Constructing and Presenting the Self Through Private Sphere Dress: An Interpretive Analysis of the Experiences of Saudi Arabian Women.
Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Ogle