Dr. Park

Juyeon Park, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Design and Merchandising at Colorado State University and Associate Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health (Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyle) at Colorado School of Public Health. She also is a faculty affiliate of CSU Energy Institute. She leads the Human Factors Product Innovation Lab, and co-directs the Human Body Dimensioning Facility, one of CSU’s core research facilities supported by the Office of Vice President for Research. Her research program centers on technology-based functional product development and human factors design, with an overarching goal to improve human health and well-being. She has extensive knowledge and experience with virtual 3D technology, and her research team has actively explored creative and practical potential of the technology in various product design and development applications. Further, she has a solid foundation in both quantitative and qualitative research, and her research often employs a mixed-methods approach to comprehend complex phenomena of research inquiries (both technical and behavioral). She teaches a graduate-level research methods course (DM 551: Research Methods) in the department, and serves on the university’s Committee on Scholarship, Research and Graduate education (CoSRGE) at CSU. Her relevant work has been published in high-impact, peer-reviewed journals, and her research has been supported by multiple funding sources including the United States Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, CSU Ventures, CSU Catalyst for Innovative Partnership, Colorado School of Public Health, as well as industry and private foundation grants.

Human Factors Product Innovation Lab