Dr. Li

Dr. Yan Vivian Li joined the department of Design and Merchandising at CSU in 2013. Dr. Li obtained a Ph.D. from the department of Fiber Science and Apparel Design at Cornell University and a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. in Materials Science and Engineering from Donghua University (Shanghai, China). Prior to joining CSU, Dr. Li had her postdoctoral training in the Kaust-Cornell Center for Energy and Sustainability (2009-2013) where she developed nanostructured material technology for enhancing oil and gas exploration and production.

There is a constant need to upgrade the functions and performance of textiles and apparel for the improvement of protection and living conditions. Dr. Li is aimed at addressing this need by focusing on the development of multifunctional textiles and apparel through the application of nanotechnology. Her research seeks to fundamentally understand, assess and control the functionality and performance of fibers and fabrics at the nanoscale.

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