Faculty and Staff

Leah Scolere, Ph.D.

Leah Scolere

Assistant Professor
254 Aylesworth SE
(970) 491-2721


Ph.D. Cornell University
M.S. Cornell University
M.A. Cornell University
B.S. Cornell University

Teaching Emphasis

  • Design Studios
  • Digital Media and the Built Environment
  • Design Communication
  • Design Research Methods
  • Portfolio and Social Media
  • Emerging Technologies and Materials for Design

Research Emphasis

  • Design Communication
  • Digital Media Technologies
  • Interactive Environments
  • Creative Entrepreneurs and Digital Labor

Research and Scholarship (selected)

Byrne, S., Greiner Safi, A., Kemp, D, Skurka, C., Davydova, Y., Scolere, L., Mathios, A.D., Avery, R.J., Dorf, M.C., Steinhardt, and J., Niederdeppe, J. (2017). Effects of varying color and text of cigarette package warning labels on visual attention, negative affect and health risk beliefs among disadvantaged populations. Health Communication, 1-11. DOI:10.1080/10410236.2017.1407228

Skurka, C., Kemp, D., Davydova, Y., Thrasher, J.,Byrne, S., Greiner Safi, A., Avery, R.J., Dorf, M.C., Mathios, A.D., Scolere, L., & Niederdeppe, J. (2017). Effects of 30% and 50% cigarette pack graphic warning labels on visual attention, negative affect, quit intentions, and smoking susceptibility among disadvantaged populations in the United States. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 1-8. DOI: 10.1093/ntr/ntx244

*Duffy, B.E., Pruchniewska,U., and Scolere, L. (2017). Platform-specific self-branding: Imagined affordances of the social media ecology. Proceedings of the 2017 ACM International Conference on Social Media & Society. doi:10.1145/3097286.3097291 *equally contributing authors.

Scolere, L., & Humphreys, L. (2016). Pinning design: The curatorial labor of creative professionals. Social Media + Society, 2(1), DOI: 2056305116633481.

Scolere, L., Baumer, E.P.S., Reynolds, L., and Gay, G. (2016). Building mood, building community: Usage patterns of an interactive art installation. Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Supporting Group Work (GROUP).