Faculty and Staff

Yan (Vivian) Li, Ph.D.

Yan Li

Assistant Professor
326 Gifford
(970) 491-7985


Ph.D Cornell University
M.S. Donghua University
B.S. Donghua University

Teaching Emphasis

  • Fundamentals of Textiles
  • Advanced Textiles
  • Textile Testing and Analysis

Research Emphasis

  • Nanostructured Materials for High-tech Textiles
  • Smart/Intelligent Medical Textiles
  • Textile Materials for Renewable Energy and Sustainability
  • Li Research Group Website

Research and Scholarship (selected)

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Awards, Recognitions, Grants, and Competitions

2016 Faculty Research Travel Grant, Colorado State University

2016 Resident Fellow Award, the School of Global Environmental Sustainability (SoGES), Colorado State University

2016-2017 Li, Y. V. (PI), Gentry-Weeks, Claudia (CoPI), “Smart Wound Dressings for Detecting Bacterial Infection and Fighting with Antibacterial Resistance”, Colorado Clinical and Transitional Sciences Institute

2015-2017 Li, Y. V. (PI), Park, J. (CoPI), Miller, J. P. (CoPI), "Microbial-Sensing “Smart” Nonwoven Hygiene Wipes for Monitoring of Foodborne Bacterial Infection", CSU Agricultural Experiment Station, Colorado State University

2015-2018 Li, Kipper, M. J. (PI), Y. V. (CoPI), “Understanding protein adsorption in polysaccharide brushes", National Science Foundation

2009 Robert E. Work Award for outstanding graduate student in polymer and fiber science, Cornell University.

2007 Best Paper in the National Textiles Center 15th Student Paper Presentation Competition.