Faculty and Staff

Karen Hyllegard, Ph.D.

Karen Hyllegard

Department Head, Professor
154 Aylesworth SE
(970) 491-4627


Ph.D. University of Maryland
M.A. Oregon State University
B.A. William Smith College

Teaching Emphasis

  • Merchandising Promotion
  • Retail Design
  • Textile and Apparel Industries

Research Emphasis

  • Merchandising and Retailing
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Social Responsibility
  • Retail/Store Design

Research and Scholarship (selected)

Hyllegard, K. H., Rambo-Hernandez, K. E., & Ogle, J. P. (2017). Fashion FUNdamentals: Building middle school girls' self-esteem and interest in STEM. Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, 23(1), 87-99.

Calamari, S., & Hyllegard, K. H. (2016). An exploration of designer’s perspectives on human health and environmental impacts of interior textiles. Textiles and Clothing Sustainability, 2(9), DOI 10.1186/s40689-016-0020-7

Hyllegard, K. H., Ogle, J. P., Yan, R.-N., & Kissell, K. (2016). Consumer response to exterior atmospherics at a university branded merchandise store. Fashion and Textiles, 3(4), 1-17.

Eckman, M., Sakarya, S., Hyllegard, K. H., Gomez Borja, M. A., & Mollá Descals, A. (2015). Consumer receptiveness to international retail expansion: A cross-cultural study of perceptıons of social and economic influence of foreign retailers. The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, 25(3), 60-75.

Ogle, J. P., Hyllegard, K. H., Yan, R.-N., & Littrell, M. A. (2014). Mother and teen daughter socialization toward ethical apparel consumption. Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 43(1), 61-77.

Ogle, J. P., Hyllegard, K. H., Yan, R.-N., & Littrell, M. A. (2014). Segmenting the teen girl apparel market: Differences in fashion involvement, materialism, and social responsibility. Young Consumers: Insight and Ideas for Responsible Marketers, 15(2), 153-166.

Hyllegard, K. H., Ogle, J. P., & Yan, R.-N. (2014). College students’ responses to prosocial marketing claims on apparel hang tags. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 18(3), 269-283.

Hyllegard, K. H., Ogle, J. P., Rudd, N. A., Littrell, M. A., & Bickle, M. (2012). Course development in socially responsible advertising and promotion: An interdisciplinary and stakeholder approach. Marketing Education Review, 22(3), 225-239.

Hyllegard, K. H., Yan, R.-N., Ogle, J. P., & Lee, K-H. (2012). Socially responsible labeling: The impact of hang tags on consumers’ attitudes and patronage behaviors toward an apparel brand. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, 30(1), 51-66.

Yan, R.-N., Hyllegard, K. H., & Blasei, L. F. (2012). Marketing eco-fashion: The influence of brand name and message explicitness. Journal of Marketing Communications, 18(2), 151-168.

Awards, Recognitions, Grants, and Competitions (selected)

2017 Hyllegard, K.H., Ogle, J.P., Park, J., Li, V., Perry, A., & Diddi, S. Fashion FUNdamentals: STEM Enrichment for Girls. State Farm Neighborhood Assist Grant, $25,000.

2015 Hyllegard, K.H., Ogle, J.P., Sparks, D., Park, J., & Li, V. Fashion FUNdamentals: A STEM-based enrichment program for adolescent girls. American Honda Foundation, $70,413.

2015 Winning paper, Emerald Citations of Excellence Award, Emerald Group Publishing Limited

2013 Vice President for Research Bright Spot Award, Colorado State University

2007 Jack E. Cermak Advising Award, Colorado State University.

2006-2009 Littrell, M. A., Hyllegard, K. H., Ogle, J. P., Matheson, J. L., Miller, J. P., Rouner, D., Rudd, N. A., Buell, J. L., Bickle, M. C., Gustafson, C. M., & Colbert, D. A. Socially responsible advertising and promotion of food, fiber, and related products: Developing an integrated set of undergraduate courses. United States Department of Agriculture, Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service: Higher Education Challenge Grants Program, $448,504.