Faculty and Staff

Molly Eckman, Ph.D.

Molly Eckman

159 Aylesworth SE
(970) 491-6715


Ph.D. University of Maryland
M.S. Iowa State University
B.S. Iowa State University

Teaching Emphasis

  • Merchandising--International Retailing, Financial Planning for Retailers
  • Textile and Apparel Economics
  • Social, Psychological, and Cultural Aspects of Dress and Appearance
  • Social Responsibility in the Textile and Apparel Industry

Research Emphasis

  • Social Responsibility in Global Apparel Supply Chain
  • International Retail Expansion
  • Effect of Culture on Consumer Behavior/Business Practices
  • Use of Technology and Case Studies in Teaching
  • Analysis of Empirical Research

Publications or Juried Exhibits (selected)

Clemons, S., & Eckman, M. (2011). Exploring theories identified in the Journal of Interior Design. Journal of Interior Design, 36(4), 31-49.
Categories and theories in the Journal of Interior Design
Theories and citations from JID analysis

Chang, H.J., Eckman, M., & Yan, R.N. (2011). Application of the S-O-R Model to the Retail Environment: The Role of Hedonic Motivation in Impulse Buying Behavior. International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, 11(3), 233-249.

Dickson, M.A., Loker, S., & Eckman, M. (2009). Socially responsible apparel production and sourcing. New York: Fairchild Publications.

Yan, Ruoh-Nan, & Eckman, M. (2009).  Are lifestyle centers perceived as unique? An examination of retail attributes and consumer characteristics. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 37(1), 24-42.

Bailey-Todd, A., Eckman, M., & Tremblay, K.R. (2008). Evolution of the Los Angeles County apparel industry. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 12(2), 260-276 .

Katz, J.P., Higgins, E., Dickson, M.A., & Eckman, M. (2008). The impact of external monitoring and public reporting on business performance in a global manufacturing industry. Business & Society, 20(10), 1-22.

Awards, Recognitions, Grants, and Competitions (selected)

2011 Outstanding Teaching Award College of Applied Human Sciences, Colorado State University

2010 Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence 2010 Outstanding Paper Award Winner for “Are lifestyle centres unique? Consumers' perceptions across locations” published in International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management (Yan, T. & Eckman, M.)

2009 F Consumer Behavior Track-Best Paper. Impulse buying behavior for apparel: Application of the S-O-R model and the moderating effect of hedonic motivation. International Textile and Apparel Association (Chang, H.J., Eckman, M., & Yan, T.)